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We are  a foundation committed to research in environmental microbiology and social development

Adriana Torres-Ballesteros


At mind the microbes, we believe that working together we  will find the best solutions for the  environmental challenges our planet faces today. We have dedicated our lives to work for the environment — doing research in microbiology  and supporting company sustainable projects in Colombia, Brazil and United Kingdom. We want all individuals and organisations to envision their goals and realise they have the ability to make a contribution to a sustainable development.

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Get to Know Us

Dr. Adriana Torres

I am a scientist, fascinated with life in extreme environments. My research has been focused on microbial ecology and climate change. I am convinced that co-development is an essential strategy to overcome current environmental problems and connect the academia with the "real world".

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Dr. Natalia Sierra

I am a microbial ecologist enthusiast with experience in environmental microbiology, diversity and bioprospecting. I am convinced that microorganisms are an infinitely unexplored resource that would help us to solve challenges of global and local sustainable development.

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The Team 

Meet the people who believe in the purpose of Mind the Microbes and work from different countries to make a sustainable environment possible.


Science for the environment


Work with us to build a better world


Learn how to take care of our environment

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Why mind the microbes in the environment? Read our blog to find out. We will post one text per week in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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